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Joelle grew up in a small Italian town in NY and encountered tragedy at a young age. At the age of 6, she barely survived a house fire and she lost everything she knew including, tragically, her only sibling, her sister Maria who was 11 at the time. 

Joelle was a very prayerful little girl and on her 7th birthday, knowing the power of God from Scripture and that He could raise the dead, she implored Him to bring Maria back to life. Not once but 3 times, with all of her heart, Joelle prayed for God to raise Maria from the dead! When Maria did not return, Joelle was heartbroken, began to believe that God didn’t love her, and started to pull away from Him. She still prayed, but with shallow prayers asking for worldly things that treated God as her personal assistant as she no longer trusted in a true relationship with Him.

As an actress and model, she completely lost her true identity and was living selfishly by checking boxes - all of which made her feel empty and unfulfilled. Joelle spent 12 years away from the Catholic Church and hit spiritual rock bottom during a dream come true trip to Hollywood.

Shortly after, she had a mystical encounter with the Lord and turned her life back to Him. Joelle saw her entire life flash before her eyes, her sins, the weight of her sins, and how she was leading others in the wrong direction. She saw that people were following her and others were following them. She witnessed how many layers deep what we do in this life affects others. Worse yet, her good column, the column to love, was nearly empty. She saw how she misused gifts and wasted graces and wasn’t being who God created her to be.

The pain of this deep awareness, and her miraculous encounter with God’s mercy, led Joelle to turn her life around. She read the entire Bible in 2 months, returned to the church and the sacraments, and continued to experience the Lord’s love more deeply. As the fire grew within her and after years of spiritual direction and prayer, Joelle was called into full-time ministry and has a deep passion to lead others to know, love, and serve Christ... 


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