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Joelle Maryn is a serial entrepreneur. She is the former founder and CEO of Elle Estates and Cattiva Cosmetics. She spent years in Real Estate investing, and her Cosmetic line was featured on NBC and ABC, as well as in Vanity Fair and Star magazine, to name a few. Her new company, Maryn Media, is focused on helping people find their purpose and push past fear and the fires in their lives to achieve their wildest dreams and become the fire that makes a change. 


#1 New Release and #2 Best Seller in "Self Help" on Amazon

Ever feel like your life has been smashed into pieces?

Joelle six, a tragic house fire took her sister Maria's life and disintegrated her family. Consumed with grief, she disconnected herself from God and rebuilt her identity as an actress, model, and CEO.

But when her dream trip to Hollywood blew up, a hotter fire ignited. It stripped her bare, exposed lies she believed about her identity, and burned her idols to ashes. Out of her ruins - blazing brighter than her brokenness - she encountered Jesus and He redeemed every broken piece in her life.

In this unique autobiography, Joelle guides you through reflection questions, Scripture, and prayer to work through your own brokenness. Healing begins when you encounter the "Master of the Pieces" and let Him rebuild your life as He envisioned.

This book will help you:

-Reconnect with God's great love for you.
-Uncover the lies that are stealing your joy.
-Be rooted in your true identity.
-Find peace in your trials and claim triumph.
-Rewrite your story making beauty from the ashes.


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New Release! This workbook will help you allow the “Master of your pieces” to shine His light in the darkest places to restore, redeem, and empower you to live the life He has planned for you. 


Most of our broken pieces contain identity lies that stand in the way of being who God has called us to be. This workbook will guide you through naming the lies and sharing the truth so that you can move forward in your life’s purpose.


This workbook includes:

·       A summary of key healing points from “Master of the Pieces.”

·       Identity lies and the Scriptures that go against those lies.

·       Reflection questions and prayers.


There is also a guide to help you put your story together—because your story is His glory!


It’s time to let Jesus break the chains that have been holding you back, so that you can be fully alive in who you’ve been created to be!

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A child barely escapes a house fire and tragically loses her sister. This is just the first of many fires and great trials she will face until she experiences a miracle that inspires millions around the world.

(Please note this true story has already reached and inspired globally over 300 Million people. Through this TV series, many more will be able to overcome the fires in their lives and become the fire that makes a change.)



Inspired by actual events, a woman challenged by life choices discovers her true calling and identity in this story of faith and redemption.

* "Fully Known" was nominated for 24 awards and had 4 wins. Joelle was the Executive Producer, Co-writer, and played the lead role of "Gabriella." She won 2 Best Actress Awards for her performance.

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