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Joelle Maryn is the former co-host of ABC's "Trend TV."

She has been blessed to interview many celebrities and public figures.

Joelle currently hosts Shalom World's, "Beyond the Vision" TV Show.



"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Joelle on Shalom World’s ‘Beyond the Vision.’ Her commitment and passion towards the show is admirable. As the host of the program, Joelle is thorough with the details pertaining to the guest, she studies the subject and her attention to detail is incredible. While interviewing, she pays attention to the creative side as well as the technicalities. She makes the guest very comfortable and brings out their story in the best way possible.  Her willingness to take up these projects on short notice, her proactive nature, and her adaptability is truly commendable. Joelle’s experience and charisms are a blessing to Shalom World’s Beyond the Vision TV show and ministry."

Tina Mary Sajiv - Program Director -

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