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Joelle has been featured on International Radio, Podcasts, and Television including:

"Life On The Rock" 
EWTN,   "Jesus My Savior" Shalom World TV,   "The Journey Home"  EWTN,   "Seize the Day" Gus Lloyd Sirius XM",   Trend TV" ABC - 5,   "Fashionably Yours" YNN News,   "Kresta in the Afternoon" EWTN / Ave Maria Radio,   "The Morning Drive" Mater Dei Radio,   "The Jennifer Fulwiler Show" Sirius XM,   "Coffee & Donuts" Mater Dei Radio",   Style Saturdays" KXAN NBC,   "Power and Witness" Fr. Mark Mary EWTN Podcast,   "Gospel Con Carne" Alan Graham Podcast,   "Radio Family Rosary" Relevant Radio,  "At Home With Jim and Joy" EWTN,  "Parousia Media Podcast" Charbel Raish EWTN / Voice of Charity Australia

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