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Joelle Maryn © 2013

As a former national model and ABC television host, Joelle Maryn has worked alongside top Make-up Artists in New York and Los Angeles. She was elected Mrs. Austin America 2011, and finished in the top 5 at the Mrs. Texas America Pageant. After years in Hollywood learning about the cosmetics industry and loving the surge of confidence and identity it offers women, she became a skilled makeup artist and found passion in sharing her artistry and skills with others. Through her sought-after expertise and experience as a well-known artist, it became her vision to create a line that simplified the beauty routine, defied age, and helped women feel beautiful and empowered. In 2008, Maryn launched Cattiva as the cutting edge, high fashion, anti-aging mineral line that offers all the pigment and glamour of high-end artistry lines in crystal-studded packaging inspired by romantic Italian couture.

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