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"I have worked with Joelle Maryn on various projects now and can say she is the real deal! Her faith journey is very inspirational and the insights she has on the faith is profound. I strongly recommend any group out there to work with Joelle as you will not be disappointed. I truly believe her teachings and witness will have an extremely powerful and positive impact on anyone who listens to her. We need Joelle in every school, parish, university, television network we possibly can to reach as many souls as possible!"

Charbel Raish - Founder Parousia Media

"If you're looking for a speaker who can captivate, inspire and motivate the faithful to a deeper encounter with our Lord look no further! Joelle Maryn is exactly the speaker you need to bring the light of Christ into a world of darkness. In her own personal witness and theological insights, Joelle will speak life, healing and love into all those present."

-John Sablan - Founder World Ablaze 

"I am captivated by the extraordinary passion that abides in the journey of love embarked upon by Joelle Maryn.  

Her talks are inspirational and authentic. She has a story of one who has cast into the deep to find the ultimate kind of genuine love that offers healing and redemption. The audience is left breathless and passionately renewed."

-Fr. James Ekeocha 

"There is no doubt that Joelle Maryn is a great blessing. Her Charisma and Passion in everything she does inspires and moves those around her to enjoy and live our Christian faith and values at a deeper level. Her ability to connect and communicate difficult concepts in an easy, yet in-depth way, has made a great impact in every class and presentation she has facilitated and the fruits of her work and dedication are evident in every person who has been able to attend."

-Jose Juan - Paulus Media 

"I was privileged to be a co-presenter with Joelle for a Diocese of Austin Healing Retreat.  I witnessed how Joelle touched the hearts of the retreat attendees by defining the loving mercy of our Lord to the attendees of the retreat and how God yearns to heal their wounds.  Joelle served as a humble messenger of God's infinite mercy and the true meaning of the Theology of the Body as given to us by St. John Paul II.  I was moved by the retreat attendees wonderful witnesses of how the retreat has given their lives new hope and harmony in Christ." 

-Deacon Terry V. Guilbert 

"Joelle is such a wonderful and dynamic speaker! Our teens responded so strongly to her message and we were grateful to have her as a keynote speaker at our conference!"

Alison Tate - Director of Office of Youth & Campus Ministry - Diocese of Austin

Joelle's teaching and talks have encouraged me to reflect and dig deeper into my heart and soul in order to grow stronger in my spirituality.  She has a gift for speaking with a balance of compassion and courage.  It is evident that her teachings are prayerful and spirit-filled because they have moved me to make changes in my life."  

Janette Ojeda - Retreat Participant 

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