Book Description


“A fire nearly took my life, but another fire saved it.” At six, Joelle Maryn’s life was forever altered when a house fire took her sister Maria's life. As the aftermath of the fire tore through her family, its wrath left them scarred with a grief that rippled destructively through their lives, dampening and distorting the love her family once enjoyed. At 7, she prayed for God to raise Maria from the dead and was heartbroken when He did not, concluding that God did not love her. She went on to find worldly success as an actress in films and tv shows and a model for world re-nowned brands, but had disconnected from God. In 2012, she hit a spiritual rock bottom. She began to uncover the lies that had stolen her joy and very nearly her life, slowly discovering how to find peace through the love of God. Master of the Pieces takes the reader on a captivating journey through a remarkable story of survival and redemption as Joelle recreates her hope and rediscovers her joy by reconnecting with the love of God. Experience the trials and the triumph as Joelle rises from the ashes to overcome her pain, leaving behind a roadmap that empowers others with the tools to navigate the good and bad in their lives to find peace and rewrite their story, allowing Jesus to become the master of the broken pieces.


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