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Are you trying to discern God's will for your life?
Are you struggling with fear and anxiety? 
Unsure of how to move forward with the dreams in your heart?

If so, Joelle can help...

Schedule 1:1 Coaching 

Joelle Maryn has helped many people overcome the obstacles that were keeping them from achieving their dreams and freedom in their lives. She is passionate about helping others achieve their God-inspired dreams. Let her help you take your life to the next level! 

*Please note due to Joelle's schedule, she's only able to take on a few more clients 

Step 1: Email Joelle Maryn at with the following information:
  1. Three dates and times you are available to meet.

  2. Your desired session length (once a month for an hour and half or twice a month for 45 minutes)

  3. Your desired method of communication.*

*Coaching sessions are available via Zoom, or by phone (if using a mobile/cellular device, service provider charges may apply).

Step 2: You must pre-pay in order for the session to be confirmed. Payment plans available upon request. 
Step 3: Once payment is verified, you will receive an email confirming the date and time for the session, and how to connect with Joelle Maryn.
Step 4: Get empowered and inspired to move forward with joy in your life.
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