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Currently, there are too many projects leading people in the wrong direction - down the wide path of sin and misery. Maryn Ministries is focused on using faith-based & inspirational projects including, Film, TV, Speaking Events & Books to evangelize and bring people to Christ! 

Mission Statement: To bring healing and a renewed sense of identity in Christ to all through the arts. 



In addition to prayer, we would love your help with this ministry to share God's love and truth with the world that so desperately needs it!  Your financial gift (Love Offering) will help support outreaches through film, TV, videos, books, live events and online resources. With your generosity, we are able to reach more people and set captives free to live in their true identity as children of God! Thank you again for your love and support! (Maryn Ministries is not a 501C3 so gifts are not tax-deductible)

Please choose the "Friends & Famly" option

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