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Finding a dynamic, authentic, professional Catholic speaker for your event can be challenging. How do you know if their message and speaking style will resonate with the audience? Will they be authentic to Catholic teaching and to their personal witness? And will they be easy to work with and help your event be a success?

Joelle Maryn is the perfect fit for your parish mission, retreat, day of reflection, conference or youth/young adult event. Her honest message and witness of the healing power of God's Love will help your audience come to a deeper appreciation of His presence in their lives and His desire for intimacy and healing. Joelle incorporates song, prayer and scripture meditation into her talks leading to deeper encounter and freedom for the participants.

Joelle can customize a presentation to meet your needs.

Most requested topics include:

BEAUTY FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE (Witness Presentation): Fame, beauty, and money can never deeply satisfy. This is the story of a woman who hit rock bottom and then encountered the Love of God in a profound way and is a true witness to His mercy. She challenges her audience to have courage to embrace the plans God has for them and to grow in deep relationship with Him by knowing their indentity in Christ and their true beauty and worth.

THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Discover the truth of your sexuality and what you were created for. With the discord in the world it's easy to lose sight of the truth of who we are in Christ. Whether you are struggling with poor self image, sexual addictions, or just want to learn more about Theology of the Body - this talk is truth & healing. "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free". John 8:32

FORGIVENESS, MERCY & JOY: It's so easy in the midst of suffering to hold grudges and un-forgiveness against God, others and ourselves. But un-forgiveness only holds us in bondage. Join us for truth, scripture, meditation and deep prayer as we discover the healing power of forgiveness and reconciliation and how to be fully alive in who you were created to be.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Do you know who your daddy is?  Learn about the spiritual realities we face & how to become fearless and live in the light of God's Love. 

WHO ARE YOU? WHAT IS YOUR CALLING?: Dive deep into your true identity as a child of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they begin to reveal your calling and God's plan for your life. 

DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS/DISCERNING GOD'S WILL: Based on the 14 rules of Discernment by St. Ignatius of Loyola. 

BEAUTY FROM ASHES: Redemptive Suffering and the journey through grief and loss.


"I was privileged to be a co-presenter with Joelle for a Diocese of Austin Healing Retreat.  I witnessed how Joelle touched the hearts of the retreat attendees by defining the loving mercy of our Lord to the attendees of the retreat and how God yearns to heal their wounds.  Joelle served as a humble messenger of God's infinite mercy and the true meaning of the Theology of the Body as given to us by St. John Paul II.  I was moved by the retreat attendees wonderful witnesses of how the retreat has given their lives new hope and harmony in Christ." 

Deacon Terry V. Guilbert 

"There is no doubt that Joelle Maryn is a great blessing. Her Charisma and Passion in everything she does inspires and moves those around her to enjoy and live our Christian faith and values at a deeper level. Her ability to connect and communicate difficult concepts in an easy, yet in depth way, has made a great impact in every class and presentation she has facilitated and the fruits of her work and dedication are evident in every person who has been able to attend."

Jose Juan - Director of Faith Formation Emmaus Catholic Parish & author of "Nueva Vida Para Dos"

“Joelle’s life story is a story of trial and perseverance, hope and faith. Her passion for spreading Christ’s joy to others is a gift!” 

Alyssa Brown - President MOSAIC St. Thomas More Austin

"Thanks so much for teaching Discernment of Spirits.  You have really inspired me with your wisdom and grace.  You have given me a lot to ponder and re-evalulate in my life - kind of like seeing life through a clearer lens!"  

Rita Kane